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Integrated Care Systems

Integrated Care Systems

Our core service across over 20 CCGs includes support to develop Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) . The ICSs  are at various stages of development but all benefit by our experience and knowledge from wider areas and our sharing of best practice.

Our work is focused on supporting financial balance, strategic planning for the future and delivery of at scale cost effective services for the future. As an outsourced NHS organisation we are working across merged CCGs to optimise delivery and bring together systems with secondary and primary care and as independent NHS support organisation. We can embed your local leadership vision and deliver transactional outputs to free up CCG/Trust staff to focus on patient pathways.

We provide a partnership service, not individual people, which means we will deliver the service with the right skills with good resilience and business continuity using our wide supply chain of partners to achieve good value for the NHS. Throughout the regions we collaborate with local and national networks bringing in current thinking to develop and redesign end to end services utilising wider teams.

We have a list of resources and tools that can be used to deliver the ICS functions that can be implemented at scale for new organisations. These are continually reviewed and automate with good quality assurance processes.

Our team have supported two of the Integrating NHS Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation (IPMO) areas as part of the seven national pilot sites. In the Midlands site we supported business case planning defining the functions and role of leadership for NHS pharmacy and medicines to ensure visible professional expertise at system level.  For the North West IPMO programme we are successfully supporting strategic change to achieve medicines optimisation at scale to improve patient outcomes and value for money.

The right approach. The right solution. The right legacy.