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Providing workforce resource and expert pharmacy support to Nightingale hospital


The Nightingale Hospital North West (NNW) is a temporary hospital based at the G-Mex Manchester Central Convention Complex. It forms part of the wider North West response to COVID-19 and it aims to enhance the resilience of NHS organisations in the region. The hospital first opened in April 2020, and since reopening in October, has been providing acute bed capacity to allow other hospitals to treat the more serious patients affected by COVID-19.

It is used to:

  • Reduce the number of patients with complex and/or delayed discharges in acute hospitals
  • Reduce the delays in discharge by serving as a transitional facility to help patients get ready to go back into the community rather than stay in the hospital
  • Increase bed capacity in acute hospitals.


In January, MLCSU received an urgent request for clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to support the Manchester Nightingale.

We quickly redeployed two existing members of staff, a pharmacist for one day per week and a pharmacy technician for 2.5 days per week.

Their main roles were reconciling the medication, ensuring adequate supply to all newly-admitted patients and preparing patients' medication for discharge, while liaising with nursing, social care and medical staff.


NNW has cared for more than 350 patients since April 2020

Together with the rest of the pharmacy team, we ensured secure and safe supply of medicines, enhanced patient safety and facilitated safe and timely patient discharges.

Pharmacy staff undertook Level 2 medicines reconciliation upon patient admission after their medicines were recorded on their Medication Administration Record. This ensured the patients’ medicines were clinically appropriate, written down accurately and that a supply was in place for timely administration. 


Sonia [MLCSU Senior Pharmacy Technician] was an exceptional addition to the pharmacy team at NNW, at a time when it had become extremely busy and patients were being accepted from all over the North West region.

“She was quick to pick up the processes and documentation required, and actively participated in the smooth transition of patients. She was also very willing to help in any other ways as needed, including attending the daily flow meeting, at which all teams discussed how patients could be discharged and where Sonia communicated potential issues with medication that may impact discharge.
“She was an asset to the team from start to finish.”

Sadia Naeem | Specialist Clinical Pharmacist

Manchester NHS Nightingale North West