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High Cost Drugs Validation/ Blueteq Management

High Cost Drugs validation and Blueteq® management 

The MLCSU Validate™ service provides bespoke prescribing reports by validating high-cost drug usage with provider trusts against locally commissioned guidance and pathways. The service also offers organisations the ability to track high-cost device use. This service can significantly reduce administrative burden, improve financial control and provide commissioners and providers with the assurance that high-cost interventions are being used appropriately in their local health economy. Economies at scale will also apply where Blueteq® is managed by MLCSU on behalf of multiple ICBs 

Innovative software solutions developed by MLCSU have automated the Blueteq® validation process, reducing turnaround times and providing commissioners and providers with the flexibility to review incorrect charges. The same process presents NHS Trusts with the ability to recharge to the appropriate commissioner if invoicing errors are identified. Significantly, implementing Validate™ alongside the Blueteq® service can assist NHS Trusts to provide assurance that high-cost interventions are in line with NICE Technology Appraisals and local commissioning pathways.  

The MLCSU Validate™ team can provide a complete service for commissioners, providing assurance that high-cost interventions are being used appropriately. The service includes: 

  • Automating high-cost drug or device data validation against local commissioning pathways in combination with the Blueteq® prior approval system  
  • Procuring and maintaining a contract for the Blueteq® system (optional – if not already in place) 
  • MLCSU Validate™ service screening tool can identifycharges to the commissioning organisation without the need for the Blueteq® system  
  • Validation reports for commissioner financial and contractual negotiations 
  • MLCSU Validate™ service will also manage the dispute process (optional)  
  • All high-cost drug data handled by MLCSU Validate™ service is pseudonymised and supported by the appropriate governance approvals. . 

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