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Prescribing Analytics Service

Our analytics service can help you improve the effectiveness of your Medicines Optimisation resource and identify cost-effective prescribing opportunities. To do this, we produce a range of standard and bespoke reports to cater for all organisational needs whether you are a Integrated Care System, PCN, or for specialist areas such as controlled drugs. Our analytics is supported by the MLCSU Business intelligence in partnership with the medicines management and optimisation team. We can provide a comprehensive suite of prescribing reports either directly or on our Aristotle Xi platform.

Prescribing analytics and best use of prescribing data is a critical tool for Integrated Care Systems. It can highlight potential efficiencies and areas requiring clinical policy development and audit. Strategic and operational analytics assure commissioners of the way the primary care prescribing budget is spent, and support the development of targeted Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) workplans. Our data system can benchmark organisations nationally down to place-based and practice levels and bring together data from existing incentive schemes to project for future impact.

We specialise in providing automated bespoke reporting in your preferred format that sits alongside our at scale reports. At scale reporting includes savings/pressures, patent expiries, QIPP opportunities, horizon scanning, budget setting reports and benchmarking reports that brings data from a number of sources into one place. Our medicines team analyses the data and provides intelligent outputs such as presentation slides or reports to enable the best understanding and use of the information.

For advice or to discuss how we can support your organisations with Prescribing Analytics Service, please contact us.